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1300/1800 Numbers
1300 Local Call and 1800 Free Call Numbers

Gridare is able to provide you with 1300 local call and 1800 free call from anywhere in Australia numbers. Gridare can also transfer existing 1300 and 1800 numbers for you with a once off porting fee of $66.   These services are easy to integrate into your Gridare Internet Telephony system and can be customized using the features of Gridare PBX.

This allows you to manage and enhance the call features of these services to suit your business and assist customers contacting you easily.  Integrating the Hosted PBX allows you to utilize these services through the functioning IVR (press one for sales, press two for general enquires...), flexible incoming call rules such as ringing alternative numbers or going to voicemail if original number does not answer within the time frame, as well as the ability for incoming calls to ring multiple handsets simultaneously and after hour call handling preferences.   All the features combine together and deliver a powerful brand message.

Comparing the difference between
Gridare’s charges & standard charges from a main provider:

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