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Enterprise Phone Solution for Enterprise Clients

Enterprises expect Enterprise level phone solutions with extensive features and reporting functionality.

Between the fully featured auto attendant, custom on hold music, flexible reporting and accounting system to the superior client support, Gridare is well positioned to deliver on these strong demands.

Your new auto attendant can be completely customised to deliver calls to anyone in the organisation, locally or anywhere in the world. Taking advantage of internet technology, calls can be answered anywhere without incurring additional cost to the organisation. Transferring calls to anywhere in the globe couldn’t be easier, including having the ability to conference calls between offices at no charge to your phone account.

Your real time accounting system allows you to monitor the activities of all phones in the organisation. Whether you need to monitor the calling activity of sales people, see the volume of incoming calls, average call spend or average time on the phone, your new system will allow you to have full visibility. Reports can be customised to search per day, per phone, per number dialled .. and it’s instant!

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